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At Hampak, we don’t just buy and sell pallets. Thanks to our all-encompassing range of services, we look after the whole lifecycle of pallets.

Because we know all businesses are different, we don’t just offer a ‘one-size fits all’ package. If you’re a new customer, we’ll spend time getting to know your business, including your current pallet provision and challenges and tailor our solution to meet your needs. And if you’re an existing customer, we’ll continually work with you to make sure our offering supports you as your business grows and evolves.

Through our sustainable pallet solution, we:

  • Design and manufacture new pallets
  • Buy surplus pallets
  • Recover and repair used pallets
  • Remove unwanted pallets
  • Recycle old pallets into fuel
  • Sell and deliver pallets

Sustainable, quality pallets

Standard UK size pallets

The standard UK size 1200mm x 1000mm pallet ranges from our top UK1A to our lightweight UK4.

Standard Euro size pallets

The standard Euro size 1200mm x 800mm pallet ranges from our top-grade E1A to our lightweight E4.

Chemical size pallets

Our complete range of chemical pallets cover CP1 to CP9.

Non-standard range

We have a range of non-standard sizes that may meet your requirements.

New Pallets

We can manufacture new pallets to your existing specifications or manufacture bespoke designs to meet your exact requirements.

Heat-treated pallets

All of our pallets are available with the option of heat treatment to meet the latest ISPM15 regulations.

Not sure which pallet you’re looking for?

We can help select the best product, or design your very own, unique pallet solution.

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