Case Study

Several different pallet types, seasonal demand and a lack of storage space lead to a number of challenges for this retail manufacturer.

Our bespoke service and product offering helped to combat these problems, resulting in a more efficient and profitable business.


The challenge

Due to the nature of the manufacturer’s products, it used a variety of different specifications of pallet. But storing these different types was a challenge due to limited space. The erratic collection of scrap pallets further added to the challenge of space allocation.

The manufacturer also faced difficulties with supply due to the seasonal demand for its products leading to fluctuations in pallet requirements and its current provider wasn’t always able to deliver the exact amounts on time.

Our solution

After a site visit to review the manufacturer’s existing pallets, we set about trying to reduce the number of different types required to simplify the process for the business, from making it easier to order to reducing the storage space that was required.

We also spent time understanding the seasonal demands of the business so that we could introduce a ‘just in time’ ordering and delivery programme, which would help to resolve the issue of not having enough space to store a lot of pallets until they were needed.

Finally, by introducing a scrap removal scheme, we could promptly get rid of scrap pallets and credit the business’ account with the associated value.

The Results

Our technical knowledge and experience enabled us to reduce the amount of specifications required, understand the seasonality trends and therefore meet the space restriction challenges.


Reduction in overall stock holding of pallets on site


Space increase thanks to the introduction of a regular scrap removal scheme


Of all deliveries met on time and in full (increase of 50%)

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