Case Study

Hampak’s technical expertise helped to improve warehouse efficiency for a national retail supplier investing in a new distribution hub.


The challenge

For years, the business had relied on an old beam style warehouse racking system, which didn’t make efficient use of the warehouse space.

To resolve this issue, the business invested in an automated drive-in racking system to improve warehouse floor utilisation by over 30%. But the quality of the existing supplier’s stock was hit and miss. Not only did broken pallets getting stuck in the automated warehouse take hours to retrieve, causing frustration and low morale, it also posed a health and safety risk to staff. The mounting problems led to only 50% of the warehouse being used.

Our solution

To work out why the problems were occurring, our team visited the warehouse and carried out a survey to analyse the automated facility and handling vehicles in action.

This enabled us to identify the problem; the base design of the current pallets didn’t work with the automated guided vehicles and the drive-in racking at the same time.

Working with the business, we agreed their bespoke pallet specification, which would meet their exact needs. After agreeing the new specification, a trial batch of pallets was delivered within 48 hours. The success of the trial enabled us to make a further 520 full load delivery within the same week.

The results

The results speak for themselves:


Quality satisfaction in our products and services


Elimination of problems within the new automated warehouse


Utilisation of new warehouse


Staff morale improvement


Health and safety improvement

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