Case Study

Multi-national print manufacturer

A large, multi-national print manufacturer was frustrated with dealing with several unreliable pallet suppliers interrupting its operations throughout the day. Working with Hampak, which became its pallet supplier of choice, the business managed to streamline its operations, improving efficiencies, saving money, and increasing revenue as a result.


The challenge

Using over 500 pallets a day, accessing quality pallets on time was integral to the business’ operations. However, working with several suppliers was costing the business time and money.

Throughout the day, its forklift drivers had to stop what they were doing on production to unload deliveries of pallets and move scrap pallets. Each suppliers’ products differed in quality too, causing costly production line stoppages. The business was also making minimal revenue from the removal of scrap pallets.

Our solution

We visited the site to review the business’ pallet requirements. A single point of contact was introduced for day-to-day communication to support them with their production planning.

To improve efficiencies, all of the pallets we supplied were colour coded to help future traceability and identification. We also introduced a process of leaving the daily delivery on a stand trailer to enable unloading of pallets and reloading of scrap pallets at optimum times during the day and night. This trailer could then be collected the following day when making the next delivery to start the process again.

We took these scrap pallets back after each delivery to sort for quality and type to determine the agreed value, from which a monthly credit was raised against their account. Any pallet beyond economical repair was recycled for biomass fuel.

The Results

The business was so happy with our quality and service that we became their exclusive supplier.


Quality satisfaction in our products and services


Reduction in stockholding from the guarantee of our supply


Increase in forklift operators’ productivity thanks to removing the need to stop and start to unload and reload pallets


Cost reduction thanks to no pallet breakages or production line stoppage time

Up to £3k

a month extra revenue thanks to turning a waste cost into an asset

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